回望十三五 数字看业达

回望十三五 数字看业达

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During the "13th Five-year Plan" period, Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area (YEDA) has organized 21 departments and 19 service organizations to settle in the government affairs center, set up 160 windows, and handled 1,231 items of examination and approval services. YEDA receives more than 1.5 million people and handled more than 1.2 million affairs, realizing"handling different kinds of affairs with one window".


“십삼오(十三五, 중국 제13차 5객년 계획)” 기간 옌타이개발구는 21개 부문, 19개 서비스기구의 정무센터에 입주를 조직하였고 160개 창구를 설치하였으며 1231개 인허가 서비스 사항을 집중적으로 수리하였습니다. 연간 사무 처리 대중 150여만 명 접대하였고 업무를 120여만 건 처리하였으며 “한 문을 들어와 백가사 처리”를 실현하였습니다. 



In 2018, YEDA took the lead in implementing the "one seal for all administrative examination and approval", with more than 72% of the examination and approval authority delegated to the front-line offices, the application materials reduced by 30.9%, and more than 80% of the comparable items of government services became "the fastest in China".


2018년 전시적으로 “도장 한 개로 인허가 관리”를 솔선하여 추진하였고 72% 이상 사항 인허는 일선부서로 권한위양을 하였으며 신청재료는 30.9% 줄였으며 정무서비스 80% 이상의 비교가능사항은 “중국에서 가장 빠른” 대열에 들어섰습니다. 


YEDA launched "one-chain handling" and 50 related subject matters, involving 13 industries, such as education, food business, and professional intermediary companies, and earnestly achieved that"one issue" can be completed in one go with one window, one form, one group of processes, and one set of materials.



      “한 체인 처리”를 깊이 전개하고 50개 “한 체인 처리” 테마 사항을 출시하였으며 교육, 식품경영, 직업중개회사 등 13개 업종에 관련되고 “한 가지 일”을 한 창구, 한 표, 한 조 절차, 한 세트 재료, 일회 처리를 착실하게 해내었습니다. å›¾ç‰‡


In order to guide taxpayers to flexibly and effectively make full use of a series of preferential policies issued by the state, YEDA launched the “Acceptance Notwithstanding Temporary Lack of Some Documents”, returned RMB 3.5763 million of retained value-added tax for enterprises, reduced RMB 3.31 million of value-added tax and RMB 6.4 million of enterprise income tax.


납세자가 국가에서 이미 출범함 일련의 우대 정책을 최대한 잘 활용하도록 지도하기 위하여 신청 당일 일부 재료 부족한 경우에도 접수를 허용하여 기업을 위하여 부가가치세 유보환급세 357.63만 위안을 반환하였고 사후 기업을 지도하여 부가가치세 331만 위안, 기업 소득세 640만 위안을 감면시켰습니다. 


Driven by wisdom, YEDA will make every effort to create a new environment for facilitating tax payment. At present, 232 tax-related matters can be handled online through the Electronic Taxation Bureau. YEDA strengthens the application of 5G new technology, creates a 10-minute 24-hour self-service tax circle in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and diverts 70% of the business volume of the offline department during the COVID-19 pandemic.


스마트 드라이브로 편리한 납세납부금 신 환경을 만드는 것에 전력을 기울립니다. 현재 232개 조세관련 사항은 전자세무국을 통하여 인터넷에서 처리할 수 있습니다. 5G 신기술 활용으로 자유무역실험구 10분 내 24시간 셀프 서비스 세무신고권을 만들었고 전염병 발생 기간 실체 사무청 70% 업무량을 분류하였습니다. 



This year is the final year of the three-year special campaign against crime. Up to now, one criminal case involving the organized crime of underworld nature has been concluded, involving 9 defendants; Three cases of criminal groups of evil forces have been concluded, involving 10 defendants; One case of evil force clique has been concluded, involving six defendants. A total of 23 members of the vicious power were identified, of which 13 were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than five years, with a maximum sentence of 20 years.A total of 16 people were sentenced to property-related punishment, with a penalty amount of RMB 3.923 million.


올해는 3년 기한의 악독한 세력을 소탕하는 전문 투쟁 마지막 해이고 현재까지 조직폭력배 범죄 1건, 관련된 피고 9명; 악독한 세력 범죄 집단 사건 3건, 관련된 피고 10명; 악독한 세력 범죄 조직 사건 1건, 관련된 피고 6명을 이미 심사를 끝내고 판결하였습니다. 악독한 세력 조직원 총 23명을 인정하였고 그 중 13명에게 5년 이상 유기 징역을 선고하였으며 최고로 유기 징역 20년에 선고하였습니다. 재산형에 선고받은 인수는 16명이고 재산형에 선고받은 금액은 392.3만 위안입니다.