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Recently, LIGOO (Shandong) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LIGOO) completed the relevant tax procedures, marking the official settlement of its national headquarters in the Yantai area of the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone.


최근에 레드코(산둥)신에너지테크놀로지유한회사 (力高(山東)新能源技術有限公司)가 세무 결산과 관련된 수속을 밟고 레드코 신에너지 중국 본부가 정식으로 산동 자유무역구 옌타이 구역에 자리잡고 터를 잡게 되었다는 것을 상징한다.



LIGOO is a national high-tech enterprise, dedicated to the independent research and development, production, sales and service of the new energy intelligent control system and the battery management system (BMS). As the first manufacturer of the BMS in China to obtain the functional safety process certification of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., it also participated in the drafting of national industry standards including the Technical specifications of battery management system for electric vehicles.Currently,the company boasts more than 40 patents and 13 software copyrights.


레드코신에너지테크놀로지유한회사는 국가 벤처기업이고 신에너지 스마트 제어 시스템과 배터리 관리 시스템의 자체 연구개발, 생산, 판매 및 서비스에 힘써, 중국에서 최초로 중국 오토모티브 테크놀로지 리서치 센터 안전 프로세스 인증을 취득한 배터리 관리 시스템 제조사이다. ‘전기차용 배터리 관리 시스템 기술 요건' 등 국가 해당 업종의 기준 작성에 참여하여 현재 40여 건의 특허와 13건의 소프트웨어 저작권을 보유하고 있다.近年来,力高在新能源汽车三电领域持续发力,电池管理系统(BMS)在行业内处于领先地位,与一汽、上汽通用五菱、吉利、中通、福田等国内主流车企广泛合作,在全国设立了13个办事处和30余个服务点,全面覆盖全国100多个重点城市。



In recent years, LIGOO has continued making efforts in the field of electric drive, battery and electronic control of new energy vehicles, with its BMS in the leading position in the industry. It is cooperating with China FAW Group Corporation, SGMW, Geely Auto Group, Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd., Foton Motor Group and other domestic mainstream car enterprises, and has set up 13 offices and more than 30 service points nationwide, covering more than 100 key cities in the country.


최근 몇 년 간 레드코는 신에너지 자동차 ‘싼디엔’(三电: 배터리, 전동 구동장치, 전자제어장치) 분야에서 지속적인 발전으로 배터리 관리 시스템(BMS)이 업계에서 선두를 차지하고 있으며, 이치자동차(一汽), 상하이자동차통융우링(上汽通用五菱), 지리(吉利), 중통(中通), 포톤(福田) 등 중국 국내 주요 자동차 업체와 광범위하게 협력하고 있으며, 중국에 13개의 사무소와 30여 개의 서비스센터를 설치해 중국 100여 개의 중심도시를 전면적으로 커버하고 있다.



In the future, LIGOO will continue to transform and upgrade its business, and intensify technological innovation and investment in research and development in the Yantai area of the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, where heavy investment and numerous businesses have been attracted. In this way, it aims to quickly seize the commanding height of the new energy vehicle industry in the future and add more highlights to the core components industry of new energy vehicle industry in this area.


앞으로 레드코는 치열한 투자의 땅이자 상업 정토인 옌타이 자유무역구에 지속적으로 변혁과 업그레이드 하고 기술 혁신을 깊이 파고들며, 연구개발 투자를 강화하고, 미래 신에너지 자동차 산업의 감제고지를 빠르게 선점하여, 옌타이 자유무역구 신에너지 자동차 산업 핵심 부품 산업에 한 층 더 빛을 발하게 할 것이다.